Club History

The Order Sons of Italy in America (OSIA) has been in existence since 1905.  The Order is an ever growing and most vibrant organization representative of the largest ethnic group in the United States of America (USA).  Although the conditions no longer exist that confronted the Italian immigrants to justify its inception, the OSIA still lives up to its original aims and purposes.  The organization has as its foundation the principles of Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

The basic aims of the OSIA are:

  1. To unite in a single organization persons of Italian origin and their relatives living in the USA;
  2. To increase the prestige of the Italian people by spreading Italian culture and making know the many contributions of Italians to the progress of the USA;
  3. To promote the advancement of its members and to help charitable associations; and
  4. To promote Americanism based on the absolute loyalty to the Constitution.

Although OSIA is fundamentally an American organization without reservation or compromise, the OSIA believes in freedom of thought, speech and religion, but it is against anarchists, traitors, conspirators and those who profess doctrines and ideologies contrary to the order and morality.

A group of Italian business people started the Sons of Italy (SOI) of Ocean City Lodge #2474 in 1980.  By May, 1980, the SOI held its first meeting with a 247 Charter Membership.  OSIA officially initiated the SOI of Ocean City Lodge #2474 on November 15, 1980, with over 300 members.  This Charter Membership is one of the largest that the OSIA has ever installed in the USA.

A big thank you to those people who made this Italian-American dream become a reality, with special thanks to Ocean City, Mayor, Council and Police Departments for their support.  Today, the SOI of Ocean City Lodge #2474, like many other SOI in American, has changed its name to the Sons and Daughters of Italy (SDOI) to recognize all of its members.  The SDOI of Ocean City Lodge #247 is open to new members (men and women) of Italian heritage and their spouses.  The SDOI is very active in the community, donating to many local organizations, as well as, socially with a group of wonderful members.